Marcy Magnetic Elliptical Machine Review (2021): Pros/Cons

Imagine you want to burn calories but don’t intend to go out, neither do you wish to do aerobics. Is there any fast way to reduce calories?

Yes! Elliptical machines. They are specially meant for indoor exercises. The elliptical machine often simulates walking or running and sometimes it also offers inclines for a tough workout.

They occupy less space than treadmills and hence they are perfectly suitable for use at home.

We compared different elliptical machines earlier in our review and we feel glad to write about Marcy Magnetic Elliptical Machines today at the request of our readers.


Marcy magnetic elliptical machines are designed for people weighing less than 300 lbs and it is suitable for people with short height, say around 5’4 inches.

A high-end model of the same brand weighs 100 lbs, has a stride length of 16 inches, and many more features.

The machine weighs 77 lbs but can be shifted from one place to another quite easily due to the transport wheels provided with the unit.


Occupies less legroom:

As said earlier, Marcy elliptical machines occupy less legroom and hence suitable for small houses too!

pros dimension

Display and device holder:

The LCD shows time, speed, calories burnt, and odometer. Along with that, you have a device holder that can firmly hold the tablet or mobile phone that allows you to listen to podcasts or music while exercising.

display divice holder

Eight Resistance levels:

For better calorie burnout you can set eight different levels of resistance just by turning the knob. It is pretty simple to understand. It offers a magnetic resistance for smooth operations.

The use of a knob in place of a button makes it durable and easy to operate.


Non-slip handlebars:

The handlebars are covered with foam to give you a firm grip. Also, it is suitable for full-arm exercises.

non sleep handler


Compared to the others in a similar category, Marcy elliptical machines cost much less with somewhat fewer features (which aren’t much essential for home use). It is the best choice if your budget is below $500.

Add-on features:

The add-on features enhance the functionality of the products. The easier it is to operate, the more is the probability of you using it daily.

add features

Level adjusters help you to adjust the height of the equipment. The non-slip paddles help to give your foot a firm grip and the transportation wheels are blessings in disguise. They help you to shift the equipment from one place to another easily.

Stride Length:

It has a stride length of 12 inches which is suitable for people with a height below 5’4 inches. A slightly long person might find that his knees bump into the front area while exercising.

Silent worker:

Marcy’s elliptical machine is quite smooth in operations and does not make noise. Noise can be irritating if you are working at odd hours or for a long duration.

No Power required:

The machine does not require any power to operate, although it requires 2AA batteries. The batteries are not included in the basic model but are included in the high-end model.

Forward and Backward operations:

Marcy’s elliptical machine allows you to pedal forwards or backward.

Customer support:

The after-sales service offered is great according to the current users and it is the factor to be considered in case you need help in assembling the product.


Marcy’s elliptical machine is covered by a hassle-free two-year warranty. This can be helpful in case you find faults with the machine after using it.



A low-end model weighs just 77 lbs so many users who have athletic personalities feel that the machine wobbles on use.

Probably this pitfall can be removed by opting for a high-end machine from the same brand.


The machine cannot be shipped to you in the assembled form. The product contains the user manual and the assembly guide, which can guide you in the assembly process. But still, some users find it difficult to assemble.


The 2AA batteries are not included in the package, you need to purchase them separately.


As said earlier this machine is not suitable for people with athletic personalities. Dashing of kees against the dashboard is the common problem faced by such users.

Instruction manual:

The instruction manual does not carry proper instructions for assembly. You might face more difficulties if you are not used to doing DIY operations.

Mileage Tracker:

Many reviews from the current users state that the mileage tracker isn’t accurate and they use special devices to track it.

Bottle holder:

Want to quench thirst while working? Nope! You will have to buy a bottle holder for yourself and fix it on the machine. It is not provided with the machine.

Tension options:

Marcy’s elliptical machine offers only eight tension options. Some people feel that even changing the tension options does not make much difference. Also, it does not provide an incline.

Plastic material:

The footpads and the dashboard is made of plastic material and not metal, which is a cause of concern to some users.


Some of the current users feel that the machine isn’t sturdy when they compare it with the price that they need to pay for it.


Few users have a complaint that the shipping isn’t done properly and some of the parts are missing from the kit. This makes the job of assembly even more difficult.


We feel that Marcy’s elliptical machine is a perfect choice for people who need to have a light workout daily and cannot take out time from their busy schedule to visit a gym.

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