Doufit EM-02 Elliptical Machine Review (2021): 7 Pros & 2 Cons

Elliptical Machine Intro

Key Attractions:

1. Heavy-duty integrated steel frame

2. Equipped with large and textured pedals

3. A high-quality flywheel provides a smooth and quiet workout

4. Convenient design and movable wheels

The elliptical machine, which can be found in fitness centres and at home gyms, has slats for your feet and poles for your hands, allowing your arms to work in tandem with your leg movements as you glide back and forth.

The machine is popular because it is less impacting on the joints than running, thereby you are less likely to suffer joint injuries. It also has a variety of advantages, including muscle activation, cardio, and glute strengthening.

The Doufit EM-02 is a new portable elliptical fitness machine for a cardio-aerobic workout at home that was released in 2019. It has magnetic resistance that can be adjusted, dual-action arms for an upper-body workout, and an LCD with standard indicators, including pulse rate, steps and length travelled among either vital factors.

The pedals (pads) are large enough to accommodate any size foot and are textured and anti-slip. Doufit, like the majority of the ellipticals, uses magnetic resistance with eight different levels. It comes with transportation wheels for easy portability.

Product specification

Item Package Dimensions: 35.5 x 19 x 15 inches
Package Weight: 29.08 Kilograms
Item Dimensions: 50 x 20.5 x 62 inches
Item Weight: 26.3 Kilograms
Brand Name: Doufit
Color White
Manufacturer: Doufit
Part Number: BTvBCHV74
Style: Basic
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs


Elliptical Dimension2

Doufit Elliptical (EM-02) weighs 28.5 pounds and measures 62H x 50L x 20.5W inches as assembled. Although the Doufit Elliptical Trainer is not a foldable machine, still portable with solid moving transport wheels for you to relocate it for storage. The compact design allows you to store it anywhere inside the house where all your family members can use it comfortably whenever they want.

The PROs:

LCD Monitor

LCD Monitor3

Like most other elliptical trainers, it comes with a digital display monitor. This enables you to scan and track your vital sports data, such as calories, time, speed, virtual distance, total mileage, and heart rate, making your workout more reasonable and effective.

Dual Action Workout Arms

Dual Action Workout Arms4

The Dual action arms provide an upper body workout which is much needed to tone the whole body. The arms are also equipped with sensors which track your pulse and you can change the intensity of your workout as and when needed. Isn;t that great to know how effective your workout is while working?

Adjustable Magnetic Resistance

Adjustable Magnetic Resistance5This bike has eight levels of magnetic resistance for various intensities, which can be adjusted using the tension knob in the middle. The highest resistance levels will provide you with more strength training, while the lightest levels will provide you with more aerobic exercise. It provides a low-impact exercise that is gentle on the knees and joints. The best part is you can use this elliptical for both forward and backward strides while keeping a different resistance level.

Silent Flywheel

Silent Flywheel6

A smooth and quiet workout is provided by the high-quality flywheel. The silent flywheel will not only keep your workout quiet and smooth, but it will also ensure that no one else is disturbed, making it ideal for both home and gym use. However, because of its silent working feature, It is a preferred choice for a home workout elliptical machine.

Large & Adjustable Seat

Large n Adjustable Seat7

The Doufit elliptical machine has a multi-adjustable seat that allows you to find your ideal sitting position while relaxing. The extra-large seat is designed to give you more support and keep you comfortable while you work out. Adjustable height of the seat can accommodate a greater number of people of various heights.

Large Anti-slip Pedals

Large Anti-slip Pedals8

The large anti-slip pedals increase friction on your foot, thereby making it stay intact while taking strides. Further, the pedals can accommodate a wider range of foot sizes, making the machine an ideal choice for everyone in the family. Unless you exceed the 250lb limit, the anti-slip pedals provide comfort as well as safety and stability.



The heavy-duty integrated steel frame of the Doufit elliptical machine is lightweight yet sturdy and strong enough which ensures a stable and safe performance during your workout sessions. The maximum load-bearing capacity is 250 pounds, making it ideal for everyone in the family to have a ride.PRICE

The Doufit elliptical trainers comes in the affordable range of machines which makes it one of the best magnetic elliptical trainer machines in the market. Although priced at the reasonable end, the machine has not compromised on the quality and superior exercise experience.


The wheels allow you transport to it any corner of the house be it your in-house gym or terrace. When you are having such a mobile-friendly elliptical trainer, you can now start your fitness sessions even in your bedroom.

The CONs:

Short stride

Users have complained about the trainer being too short for people above five and a half feet. It becomes really uncomfortable for people to take a full stride.

No professional help by the company for assembling the unit

Assembling the whole unit can be a challenging task as no professional support is provided by the company. You have to do the task by yourself. Although a step by step tutorial video is available on Youtube and on Amazon as well, people not having proper knowledge of screws and bolts might struggle.

A loose connection might result in the elliptical trainer becoming squeaky in the coming days.

The bottom line

Overall, the Doufit EM-02 elliptical magnetic trainer is a cool piece of cardiovascular work out machine. You can use it both at home as well as gym. The affordable price range makes it one of the top elliptical trainers.

Moreover, it is an ideal choice for toning your body and exercising your muscles deeply without much pressure on your joints and bones.

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